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HIDRelay is an Arduino project to allow you to make USB keyboards into wireless bluetooth keyboards without modification to the keyboard. This github repo is for the Arduino sketch and briefly touches on the hardware assembly. For a more in depth look at construction, watch my YouTube videos:

Check out some slightly outdated code on github:

Working on a home/apartment multi-zone temperature logging system based on SparkCore modules reading temperature sensors that post data to a node server for analysis.

TemperatureLogger - SparkCore firmware that reads a DS18b20 temperature sensor and publishes to a REST API https://github.com/juancgarcia/TemperatureLogger o

trackr - The nodejs server. This is a hand-coded REST API since I didn't yet need all the bells&whistles of ActionHero. https://github.com/juancgarcia/trackr

trackr-AH - My original trackr server written with the ActionHero framework, I left up as kind of an archive, but I might revisit it if my server gets complex enough to warrant. https://github.com/juancgarcia/trackr-AH